Product details Nutraceuticals Food or a part of food provides medicinal or health benefits including the prevention and treatment of diseases. Natural Algae Astaxanthin – One of the most powerful Anti-oxidant found in Nature Starch based Natural coating materials for multivitamin tablet and Softgels Lipidic Nutra excipients for Lubrication and Binding of Multivitamin tablets Solubility […]

Pharmaceutical Excipients

Products details Pharmaceutical Excipients Pharmacologically in-active substances formulated alongside actives (APIs). The inert substances which used as a vehicles and diluents for drugs. We provide the complete range of Oral, Topical and Rectal & Vaginal application in Pharmaceutical application and Nutraceutical application. Pharma Coating Excipients for Pellets, Granules, tablets & Softgels Wide range of coating […]

Industrial Chemical Division

Product details Industrial Chemicals We are offering wide range of Industrial chemicals from reputed sources worldwide, exclusively represent in our region. We are always updating ourselves with the latest market changes in the industry to serve you even better. Since our incorporation, we’ve continuously growing and expanding our support for many industries These are some […]

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