The external picture of the package must now not only compliment product confidence, however furnish clear and concise product identification and other features included are:

Package need to provide adequate information related to the contents including felony requirements, route of administration, storage conditions, batch number, expiry date, manufactures identify and tackle and product license number.

· Package aid in patient compliance.

· Package ought to preferably have an aesthetically perfect design.

The fundamental packaging consists of those packaging aspects which have a direct contact with the product (i.e. bottle, cap, cap liner, label etc.). The main functions of the primary bundle are to include and to preclude any chemical, climatic or biological or from time to time mechanical hazards that may also reason or lead to product deterioration. Packaging must additionally feature as a capacity of drug administrations.

The packaging exterior to the important bundle is regarded as the secondary packaging. The secondary packaging commonly provides the additional physical protection indispensable to suffer the secure warehousing and for replenish packaging.

Types of most important and secondary packaging material


Metric scientific bottle, ampoule, vial 



Ampoule, vial, infusion fluid container, dropper bottle  



Wrapper to incorporate important pack 


Box to contain predominant pack


Labels, patient data leaflet

Types of container used as important packaging for liquid orals are:

Single dose containers hold the product that are supposed for single use. An occasion of such a container is the glass ampule.

Multi-dose containers hold a quantity of the fabric that will be used as two or larger doses. An occasion of this system is the more than one doses vial or the plastic pill bottle.

Well–closed containers protect the product from illness with undesirable remote places components and form loss of contents all through use.

Airtight containers are impermeable to solids, drinks and gases at some stage in daily storage and use. If the container is to be opened on greater than one in shape it proceeds to be airtight after re closure.

Light — resistant container protects the contents from the have an effect on of radiation at a wave dimension between 290 nm and 150 nm.

For tightly closed dosage forms:

Tamper – evident containers are closed containers outfitted with a device that irreversibly indicates if the container has been opened.

Strip packages – have at least one sealed pocket of fabric with each pocket containing a single dose of the product. The package is made of two layers of movie or laminate material. The nature and diploma of protection which is required by means of the usage of the contained product will have an effect on the composition of these layers.

Blister packages – are composed of a base layer, with cavities referred to as blisters which incorporate the pharmaceutical product, and a lid. This lid is sealed to the base layer with the aid of way of heat, stress or both. They are greater inflexible than strip applications and are not used for powders or semi-solids. In tropical areas blister programs with a greater aluminum membrane is used which furnish greater protection towards high humidity.

Child Resistant – Containers, many times referred to as CRC’s, are designed to end the child getting access to the probable hazardous product.2

Containers for semi robust and pressurized products:

Semi secure dosage types like ointments, lotions and so on are packed in metallic collapsible tubes. Plastic containers are additionally used for the packaging of creams.

Pressurized functions expel the product via a valve. The stress exerted for the expulsion of the product is an essential consideration whilst figuring out on the packaging for any products.