Production Machinery

We offer innovative and reliable operational excellence solutions. Our focus is on helping enterprises to provide high-class, robust, efficient, and industrial-stringent solutions for the pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers. At the same time, we are able to offer technical measures on existing pharmaceutical machinery, tablet press machine, flooring applications, Packaging of pharmaceutical products, engineering services, post-sales assistance, new size component delivery, and more. This allows us to deliver the highest levels of reliability and performance across all our machinery and services. We offer some products, but not limited to them. We are the best machine filling capsule suppliers, suppliers of glass vials, and tablet press machines.

Pharmaceutical Machinery and packaging of pharmaceutical products.
Herb Extraction Equipment.
Automatic Labeling Machine.

Tablet Press Machine.

Flooring application

Epoxy flooring

PU flooring

Pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturers

Pharmaceutical raw material

Pellets manufacturer

Glass vials suppliers

Capsule filling machine supplier
Softgel Encapsulation Machine
Automatic Tube Filling And Sealing Machine
Blister Packing Machine
Liquid Bottle Filling Machine
Automatic Cartoning Machine
Film Coating Machine
Granulating Machine
Vacuum Emulsifying Machine
Powder Mixing Machine
Water Purification Machine.
BlowFill & Seal Machine
Prefilled Syring Machine.

With a strongly motivated team, we work together to provide top-notch services to our customers so that they are comfortable in their place of work every time they use our machines. In addition, Morgan will accompany the customer through the choice of the appropriate technology and machinery:

  1. Setup & commissioning
  2. Approval
  3. Exercise
  4. Following sales
  5. Remedy

Inspection Machinery

For Ampoules, Glass Vials, Cartridges.
Morgan can provide you with Ampoules, Glass Vials, and Cartridges inspection systems. From 200 to 600 containers/min, our systems can inspect. We provide particle, tip, cosmetic, and leak detection inspections. Our systems are unique in the world, offering high standards of precision and performance.

Technology capability

Customized solutions


Reliable efficiencies

Inspection precision

Data reproducibility

Accurate detection

Low risk of false reject.

We have satisfied customers and benchmarks worldwide. We offer complete pharmaceutical packages to maximize customer investment, and customized solutions can be provided, depending on the requirements, which meet specific operational requirements and processes. A customized solution is available to our dedicated spare parts team. Remote service is offered to support customers with maintenance and breakdown problems.

Tablet Press Machine

tablet press machine is a mechanical device that compresses powder into tablets of uniform size and weight. A tablet press can be used to manufacture tablets of a wide variety of materials, including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cleaning products, industrial pellets, and cosmetics.
Morgan can offer you inspection systems for Ampoules, Glass Vials, Cartridges. Our systems can inspect from 200 – 600 containers/min. We offer particle, tip, cosmetic inspections, and also Leak Detection. Our offer systems have high levels of accuracy and performance that are unique in the world.

Tablets & Capsules

Based on high-end technology & field experience, Morgan can offer vision inspection systems for tablet press and capsule filling machines. Embedding / Image Processing Algorithm Self-Developed DSP Board guarantees the fastest and most accurate viewing insight. Morgan system can inspect discrepancies in size, defects in form, the difference in color, dirt, dot, cracks, the imperfection of the coating, poor embossed print quality. We can deliver high throughput of up to 300 000 units per hour to identify defects with a homogenous surface of up to 100 micrometers.

Water System Equipment

Water is the most widely used in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and related industries, including the medical and cosmetics industries. Manufacturers of pharmaceutical ingredients and manufacturers of raw pharmaceutical ingredients require water and other clean services that comply with the legal standards as defined in the international pharmacopeia. The main definitions of quality are drinking water, purified water (PW), highly purified water (HPW), injection water (WFI), and pure steam. Through drinking water treatment, the desired qualities can be achieved. Morgan can provide reliable systems for reliable clean services to meet and exceed defined qualities.

We can offer you,
1. Pre -Treatment Solution.
2. Purified Water & Highly Purified Water Generation.
3. Water for Injections and Pure steam generation.
4. Cold WFI System.
5. Storage & distribution.

By integrating all process steps, Morgan offers its clients a complete design and solution ranging from project identification and optimization, manufacturing, and process engineering of pharmaceutical machinery, production, validation, and documents, to commissioning, training, and comprehensive customer support for all the applications of clean services.

Lab Equipment

We provide various high-end lab tools for improving the quality of life, pharmaceutical machinery and equipment and for contributing to science and technology development. Reliable goods and services can contribute to science and technology development for the benefit of laboratory work using advanced pharmaceutical machinery. We can understand the needs of customers with years of experience and develop an efficient and affordable solution. Our aim is to achieve customer satisfaction and at competitive prices to offer knowledgeable, friendly service. Some of our products are offered, but not just the Biological Cabinet, Laminar Air Flow, Freezer Laboratory Test, Freezer Ultra, Autoclave, Dissolution Tester, Dissolution Tester, Friability Tester, Hardness Tester, Viscosity Tester, Gelating Gel Tester, Stirrer Motor, etc.

Clean Room Construction

Cleanroom system solution Morgan can provide good economic efficiency for biotech and pharmaceutical customers, with a European design and quality, automated control, and partitions. We have experience and established methodologies which reduce your project risk and improve your time when you need a 500 square foot lab, a 50,000 square foot cGMP Cleanroom.

Our Approach
Morgan understands and deploys the specific capabilities necessary to ensure project success in the regulatory challenges of these industries.

Requirements Gathering 

Area classifications and validation requirements

Room to room pressure cascades

Personnel and product flow/segregation analysis

HVAC, mechanical, and exhaust systems

Estimating, budgeting, and schedule development

Process utility studies

Design and Engineering

Conceptual design, programming, and layout

Selection of cGMP architectural finishes

Design for constructability and maintainability

Budget creation and schedule optimization

Robust commissioning plan

Life safety analysis

Construction Management

Experienced Project and Construction Management

Certified installation crews

Commissioning, certification, and training

Process system installation

Site safety

Our Experience

Morgan has a proven record of dealing with the requirements for leading-edge biotech and pharmaceutical cleanrooms in projects, mechanical systems, and modular system integration.

Our Clients and Projects

Morgan is proud of our pharmaceutical and biotech customers and our delivery projects. Below is a partial list of our leading customers; our entire project summary is available on request.

Chemicals of industry

We offer a wide range of industry-recognized chemicals worldwide, represented solely in our region. We always update to serve you even better with the latest market changes in the industry. We have steadily increased and expanded our assistance to many industries since our incorporation. These are some of the industries with which we have worked closely over the years:

  1. Industry of Painting
  2. Gloves and PVC Pipes PVC
  3. The industry of wood coating
  4. Industry of Adhesive
  5. Industry of Ink
  6. Industry Printing
  7. The industry of Foam & Mattress

PVC Gloves & Pipes

We are offering a wide range of chemicals to PVC Gloves and PVC Pipes industries
Phthalate Free Plasticizers (DPHP, DOTP, DINP, DINCH)
Lead-free Stabilizers
Ca/Zn Stabilizers
Ba/Zn Stabilizers
Defoamers and Surfactants
Flow and Leveling agents

Paint and Coating :
Please find below the range of paint and coating materials
Titanium Dioxide Rutile and Anatase
Decorative, Automotive and OEM Resin
Epoxy, PU, Polyester, and Acrylic Resin
Polyamide Resin
Ketone Resin
Organic and Inorganic Bentone Clay for Solvent and Water system
Carbon Black

Rigid Foam

Flame Retardant

Ceramic Insulator and Tiles

Aluminum Oxide


Food and Confectionery  

DL-Malic Acid Food Grade
Vitamin Mineral Premix
Whey Powder
Cocoa Powder

Household Insecticides
Actives full range

PVC wires and Cables
Precipitated Calcium Carbonate
Epoxidised Soya bean Oil

Industrial Flooring Solutions

Specializes in the application of concrete flooring systems for Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polyurea & MMA. Our team and our unmatched technical service are experienced. Equipped with the most modern and virtually CO2-free product lines on Surface Preparation & Flooring Application equipment. We have Green Field & Brown Field Jobs experience. We have extensive experience in applying in both Pakistan and abroad.

 Expertise in applying:

1      Antimicrobial Polyurethane Flooring        5     Cementitious Screed

2      Industrial Flooring                                         6     Epoxy & PU Flooring Coating

3      Antistatic Flooring                                         7     Wall Coating

4      Decorative Flooring                                      8     Waterproofing Solutions.

Our product range is specially designed to improve the performance of both new and old concrete floors with additional benefits including abrasion and chemical resistance, impact strength, and zero penetration humidity


Our product range is specially designed to improve the performance of both new and old concrete floors with additional benefits including abrasion and chemical resistance, impact strength, and zero penetration humidity

Pipettes and Sprays

Precision dosing and minimal priming. Pipettes and sprays are produced by world’s leading manufacturers for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Nasal Spray

Topical Application Spray

Oral Dosing Pipettes

Oral Syringes

Rubber Dropper


Pre-Fillable Drug Delivery Systems

Parenteral administration of drugs is a quick and effective method of drug delivery. Main problem occurs with the parenteral drug delivery is lack of convenience, accuracy, sterility and safety. These problems can be easily overcome by the use of Pre-Fillable syringes and Cartridges.

Pre-Fillable Glass Syringes

Pre-Fillable Polymer Syringes

Pre-Fillable Cartridge Systems




Blister Packaging

We offer a range of blister packaging from our renowned suppliers and can produce bespoke options for the storage of your products.


Coated PVC Films

Aluminum Blister Foil

Cold Forming Foil

Sachet Foil

Stripe Foil

Pre-Formed Ampoule Trays

Capsule Filling Machine Supplier

Empty Gelatin 
Empty HPMC Capsules
Enteric Coated Capsules
Pullulan Capsules
DPI Grade Capsules

Empty Capsules

Empty capsules are the most common option to store and deliver herbs, powders and medicines. They can further be classified into Gelatin and HPMC capsules.

Empty Gelatin Capsules

Empty HPMC Capsules

Enteric Coated Capsules

Pullulan Capsules

DPI Grade Capsules

Pharmaceutical Ingredients Manufacturers

Pharmacologically in-active substances formulated alongside actives (APIs). The inert substances which used as a vehicles and diluents for drugs. We provide the complete range of Oral, Topical and Rectal & Vaginal application in pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical raw material application and Nutraceutical application.

Packaging of Pharmaceutical Products

We hold a comprehensive range of glass, plastic and aluminum containers, high precision dispensing systems, various closures including stoppers, crimp seals and screw caps as well as a range of tailored solutions for your special needs.


Why choose Morgan?

̈ Specialty Floors & Ceiling system installation in the last several years of a million sq. ft.

̈ Experienced and highly skilled workers to perform all kinds of installation services.

̈ The use for the highest quality standards of the latest tools & technologies.

̈ Guarantee quality for all products and services with warranty.

̈ Association with well-known multinational brands with advanced training.

̈ Backup with more than a decade of expert, qualified and experienced service technicians.

Our Product Range

We hold a comprehensive range of glass, plastic, and aluminum containers, high precision dispensing systems, various closures including stoppers, crimp seals, and screw caps as well as a range of tailored solutions for your special needs.


Containers made from Glass, Plastic, and Aluminum including vials, bottles, and tubes. Suitable for use with pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and healthcare products.

Tubular Glass Injection Vials & Freeze Drying Vials

Molded Glass Injection Vials

Diagnostic Screw Neck Vials

Type 1 Plus Vials

Nested Ready to Use Injection Vials

Siliconized Vials

Speciality Vials

Polymer Vials

Infusion Glass Bottles

Syrup Glass Bottles

Glass Dropper Bottles

Eye Dropper Bottles

HPDE Pill Bottles

Glass Ampoules


Butyl rubber stoppers are generally used as the closure for vials and bottles. Specialized closure systems and crimp seals are available from various suppliers.

Standard Rubber Stoppers

Coated Rubber Stoppers

Diagnostic Rubber Stoppers

Aluminum Crimp Seals for Vials

Syrup Bottle Caps