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Clean Room Construction

Morgan ethically provides cleanroom system solutions with European plan and quality, mechanisation control and segments with the assistance of pharmaceutical machinery with great cost-adequacy for Biotech and Pharmaceutical customers. 

Regardless of whether you require a 500 square foot lab, a 50,000 square foot cGMP Cleanroom, we are insight and demonstrated philosophies decrease venture hazard and improve time to finish. 

Our Approach

Morgan comprehends the regularity difficulties in these enterprises, and sends the particular abilities needed to ensure project achievement. 

Requirements Gathering 

  • Area classifications and validation requirements
  • Room to room pressure cascades
  • Personnel and product flow/segregation analysis
  • HVAC, mechanical and exhaust systems
  • Estimating, budgeting and schedule development
  • Process utility studies

Design and Engineering

  • Conceptual design, programming and layout
  • Selection of cGMP architectural finishes
  • Design for constructability and maintainability
  • Budget creation and schedule optimisation
  • Robust commissioning plan
  • Life safety analysis

Construction Management

  • Experienced Project and Construction Management
  • Certified installation crews
  • Commissioning, certification and training
  • Process system installation
  • Site safety

Our Experience 

Morgan has a demonstrated history of tending to extend plan, mechanical frameworks and modular system combination necessities for driving edge Biotech and Pharmaceutical cleanrooms. 

Our Clients and Projects 

Morgan is pleased with the Pharmaceutical and Biotech customers that we have served and the projects we have conveyed. The following is an incomplete rundown of our driving customers, our complete project resume is accessible upon demand.


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