Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers

Pharmaceutical tools is a big time period that consists of all the medical tools ranging from pharmaceutical machinery, scientific contraptions and devices to all the healthcare equipment. The clinical merchandise that are supposed to be used in manufacturing and processing of prescribed pills and drugs as excellent as scientific gadgets used for diagnosis, treatment, and […]


The below guide is a summary of the steps required on how to apply epoxy floor paints. This guide applies to a simple roller applied two-coat floor. Such floors are suitable for light and medium wear and tear, perfect for garages and storage rooms. Preparing the surface Step 1. Prepare the surface. Preparation of the substrate (video) is necessary […]


● Specialist applied, polyurethane resin floor finish, combining outstand wearing properties with decorative properties and high chemical resistance . Ideally suited to aggressive areas where a seamless, joint free finishing is required and maximum cleanliness is essential. Food processing and storage, abattoir’s, drinks production, dairies and general heavy duty plant and traffic areas are just […]


Epoxy flooring systems are a thermosetting resin often applied as a protective and decorative coating on concrete flooring. The strong and durable nature of the system makes it a desirable flooring option for many commercial and industrial applications, ranging from manufacturing facilities and hangars to kitchens and garages. Top considerations for epoxy flooring system installation and maintenance Although epoxy flooring […]

Packaging of Pharmaceutical Products

The external picture of the package must now not only compliment product confidence, however furnish clear and concise product identification and other features included are: Package need to provide adequate information related to the contents including felony requirements, route of administration, storage conditions, batch number, expiry date, manufactures identify and tackle and product license number. […]