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Pharmaceutical Excipients

Pharmacologically in-active substances are exclusively put together alongside actives (APIs). The inert substances which are used as vehicles and diluents for drugs. We provide the entire wide range of Oral, Topical and Rectal & Vaginal application in pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical raw material applications and Nutraceutical applications.

Pharma Coating Excipients for Pellets, Granules, tablets & Softgels

A wide scope of covering materials which depend on PVA, HPMC and methacrylic polymers/co-polymers gives formulators a versatile stage, for planning drug delivery to match the specifics of individual pharmaceutical activities and therapy. 

These film coating (clear & coloured) and functional coating (clear/white) polymers can be utilized separately or in the mix with other supporting excipients to deliver the APIs in the perfect spot and at the right time for remedial impacts. All the coating materials are created under severe GMP conditions and fulfil the ISO quality guidelines (9001 and 140010)

  • PVA & HPMC based film coating
  • Enteric coating
  • Immediate release coating
  • Taste masking and moisture protection coating
  • Sustained-release coating
  • Special coating materials for Nutraceutical tablets and Softgels

Lipid-based Excipients for an Oral dosage form

Scope of excipients which are derived carefully from raw materials of the vegetable origin. All the excipients are made under GMP rules. Production processes adjust to global standards and utilise a rigorous Quality Management framework. 

  • Sustained-release agent. (Powder form).
  • Taste masking agents for granules, tablets or pellets suppliers.
  • Semi solid & liquid bioavailability enhancers.
  • Semi-Solid and liquid vehicles lubricants.

Lipid-based Excipients for Topical application

  • Organic & Lipid-based Solubilizers
  • Lipidic Emulsifiers
  • Texture Improvement agents
  • Penetration Enhancers

Lipidic Excipients for Rectal & Vaginal Drug Delivery

  • Wide scope of suppository excipients obtained by inter-esterification, phosphor lipid added substances, Amphiphilic bases and adjusted monoglyceride offering a wide range of melting points and hydroxyl value.
Pharmaceutical Excipients

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