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Industrial PU Flooring / Epoxy Flooring Solutions

Morgan Specializes in the application of Epoxy Flooring, PU Flooring, Polyurea & MMA Flooring systems for Concrete Flooring. We have experienced team and unparalleled technical service. Equipped with most modern Surface Preparation & Epoxy Flooring and PU Flooring Application equipment’s & Eco-friendly, virtually VOC-free product lines. We have experience of doing Green Field & Brown Field Jobs. We have an experience of doing PU Flooring and Epoxy Flooring Applications throughout Pakistan as well as foreign countries.

 Expertise in applying:

1      Antimicrobial PU Flooring                            5     Cementitious Screed

2      Industrial Flooring                                         6     Epoxy & PU Coating

3      Antistatic Flooring                                         7     Wall Coating

4      Decorative Flooring                                      8     Waterproofing Solutions.

Our range of PU Floorings and Epoxy Flooring products are specially designed to enhance the performance characteristics of both new and old concrete floors with added advantages including abrasion & chemical resistance, Impact resistance & zero moisture penetration.

Why to choose Morgan?

¨ Installation of million Sq.Ft of Specialty PU Flooring, Epoxy Flooring & Ceiling system in last  few years.

¨ Highly  Skilled and experienced manpower to undertake all types of installation services.

¨  Use of latest tools & technology for highest quality standards.

¨  Assurance for quality with warranty for all products & services.

¨  Association with renowned brands with advanced training from multinational companies.

¨  Back up by qualified & experienced service technicians with more than decade of experience in the field.

Industrial flooring solutions
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