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Water System Equipments

  • Water is the most widely and essentially used aspect in the Pharmaceutical raw material & Biotech and the related industries such as medical products and cosmetics.
  • Most processes in pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturers and pharmaceutical raw ingredients manufacturers require water and other clean utilities that lead towards the legal standards as defined in international pharmacopoeias. The primary quality definitions are for potable water, purified water (PW ), highly purified water (HPW), Water for injection (WFI) and pure steam access. The therapy of drinking water can produce the desired qualities. Morgan provides reliable systems to meet and exceed the defined rates for fresh and clean utilities reliably.

Morgan ethically provides you;

  1. Pre -Treatment Solution.
  2. Purified Water & Highly Purified Water Generation.
  3. Water for Injections and Pure steam generation.
  4. Cold WFI System.
  5. Storage & distribution.

By integrating through all process stages, Morgan offers its customers a complete design and solution ranging towards project identification and optimisation, pharmaceutical machinery manufacturing, process and automation engineering production, validation and documentation through commissioning of training and full customer support for all types of clean utility applications.

Water System Equipments
Water System Equipments
Water System Equipments

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