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Inspection Machinery

  1. Ampoules, Vials, Cartridges

Morgan provides you inspection systems for Ampoules, Glass Vials and also Cartridges. Our robust system can quickly inspect from 200-600 containers per minute. We also offer cosmetic inspections and detection of leakage. Our recommended systems have the highest tiers of accuracy and exactness that makes us impeccable and remarkable from others. We are working as professionals:

  • Technology capability
  • Customised solutions
  • Experience
  • Reliable efficiencies
  • Inspection precision
  • Data reproducibility
  • Accurate detection
  • Low risk of false rejection.
  • We have satisfied clients & amp; reference list through-out the world.
  • We have a complete package of after-sales services to maximise customers’ investment that is dependent on the need. We offer customised solutions to complying with specific operational requirements and processes that can be a grant. 
  • Our dedicated ‘Spare Parts Team’ is at full disposal to offer a tailored solution.
  • Remote Service is available to assist Customers with maintenance issues and breakdown mishaps.
Inspection machinery
Inspection machinery
Inspection machinery
  1. Tablets & Capsules
  • Morgan offers a clear vision inspection system for tablet and capsule filling procedures with high-end technology & creative field experiences. We have Self-developed DSP boards and embedded systems and the fastest Image processing algorithm & amp; the most accurate vision of inspection.
  • Morgan system inspects the size discrepancies, defected shapes, colour difference, dirt, dot, cracks, bad embossed printing and coating imperfection.
  • We offer high throughput that is up to 300,000 units/hour with identification of defects up to 100 micrometres on the homogenous surface.

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