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Industrial Chemicals

We are offering wide range of Industrial chemicals from reputed sources worldwide, exclusively represent in our region. We are always updating ourselves with the latest market changes in the industry to serve you even better.

Since our incorporation, we’ve continuously growing and expanding our support for many industries

These are some of the industries we’ve been working closely with over the years:

1. Paint Industry

2. PVC Pipes, Cable and Gloves

3. Wood Coating Industry

4. Adhesive Industry

5. Ink Industry

6. Printing Industry

7. Foam & Mattress Industry

PVC Gloves & Pipes

We are offering wide range of chemicals to PVC Gloves and PVC Pipes industries
Phthalate Free Plasticizers (DPHP, DOTP, DINP, DINCH)
Lead free Stabilizers
Ca/Zn Stabilizers
Ba/Zn Stabilizers
Defoamers and Surfactants
Flow and Lavelling agents

Paint and Coating :
Please find below the range of paint and coating materials
Tianium Dioxide Rutile and Anatase
Decorative, Automotive and OEM Resin
Epoxy, PU ,Polyester and Acrylic Resin
Polyamide Resin
Ketone Resin
Organic and Inorganic Bentone Clay for Solvent and Water system
Carbon Black

Rigid Foam

Flame Retardant

Ceramic Insulator and Tiles

Aluminium Oxide


Food and Confectionery  

DL Malic Acid Food Grade
Vitamin Mineral Premix
Whey Powder
Cocoa Powder

Household Insecticides
Actives full range

PVC wires and Cables
Precipated Calcium Carbonate
Epoxidised Soya bean Oil

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