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Pharmaceutical Excipients

Pharmacologically in-active substances formulated alongside actives (APIs). The inert substances which used as a vehicles and diluents for drugs. We provide the complete range of Oral, Topical and Rectal & Vaginal application in Pharmaceutical application and Nutraceutical application.

Pharma Coating Excipients for Pellets, Granules, tablets & Softgels

Wide range of coating materials which are based on PVA, HPMC and methacrylic polymers/co-polymers provides formulators an exceptionally versatile platform for designing drug delivery to match the specifics of individual pharmaceutical actives and treatments. These film coating (clear & colored) and functional coating (clear/white) polymers can be use individually or in combination with other supporting excipients to release the APIs in the right location and at the right time for therapeutic effects. All the coating materials are produced under strict GMP conditions and meets the ISO quality standards (9001 and 14001).

  • PVA & HPMC based Film Coating
  • Enteric coating
  • Immediate release coating
  • Taste masking and moisture protection coating
  • Sustained release coating
  • Special coating materials for Nutraceutical tablets and Softgels

Lipid based Excipients for Oral dosage form

Range of excipients which are derived strictly from raw materials of vegetable origin. All the excipients are manufactured under GMP guidelines. Production processes conforms to international standards and employ a rigorous Quality Management system.

  • Sustained Release agent (Powder form)
  • Taste Masking agents for granules, pellets or tablets
  • Semi Solid & Liquid Bio-availability enhancers
  • Semi Solid & Liquid Vehicles
  • Lubricants

Lipid based Excipients for Topical application

  • Organic & Lipid based Solubilizers
  • Lipidic Emulsifiers
  • Texture Improvement agents
  • Penetration Enhancers

Lipidic Excipients for Rectal & Vaginal Drug Delivery

  • Wide range of suppository excipients obtained by inter-esterification, phsopho lipid additives, Amphiphilic bases and modified monoglyceride offering a range of melting points and hydroxyl
Pharmaceutical Excipients

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